Enjoy a low cost of living, supportive community, outdoor lifestyle, proximity to destination markets, and more. Whatever it is, it's possible in Joplin, Missouri.

Commute Time
15.7 minutes

on average

Cost of Living
21% below

the national average

Green Space
933 acres

of parks in Joplin.


We're looking at you.

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Choose Active Lifestyle

Joplin is home to an active lifestyle community. Our twenty-two parks and greenways are bordered by championship golf courses and tennis and pickleball courts. Local running and cycling groups organize fun, welcoming runs and rides on our growing trail system while nearby lakes and state parks offer new adventures for hunters, fishers, and explorers.

Choose Community

Joplin is where arts and culture are celebrated. From local downtown galleries and monthly art walks, to diverse concert series hosted by Pro Musica and Connect2Culture, our community is igniting a passion for the arts. And with the addition of the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex in Downtown Joplin, Joplin will continue to be a cultural hotspot for artists and performers for years to come.

Choose To Join Us

Joplin has transformed into an affordable, livable version of the urban lifestyle with viable career, entrepreneurial, and educational opportunities. Our music and cultural venues, growing trail system, and robust culinary and coffee scenes offer big city amenities at small town prices. This is progress fueled by people harnessing their creativity and grit to build a community they are proud to call home. Consider joining us.

Choose Opportunity

Joplin is built on a heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship. New tech startups, savvy e-commerce companies, and business incubators are continuing this legacy. Our growing manufacturing and healthcare industries, coupled with a thriving business community, have created a diverse job market suited for the driven self-starters, hard-workers, and leaders of the business world.

Choose Fun

Joplin's developing culinary scene is serving up dynamic and delicious new ways to enjoy our local flavors. Besides its 250 restaurants, the Joplin area has indoor and outdoor year-round farmers' markets, numerous food trucks, and is the new home of several emerging microbreweries and coffee roasters.