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below the national average

Green Space

933 Acres

of parks in Joplin


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Why do people choose to live in Joplin? Because our town is growing into an affordable and livable place for dreamers and doers, makers and shakers. Because we may not be perfect, but we’re changing for the better with progress fueled by creativity, innovation, and a love for our community. Consider joining us.

Boys playing soccer in the yard.

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Joplin was built on hard work and innovation. We’re continuing this legacy by expanding and supporting our business community. Our growing manufacturing, education, and health care industries, alongside a bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem, has created a diverse job market that draws nearly 250,000 people to Joplin each workday.

Downtown Joplin at dusk.

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No matter what or how you play, Joplin is game for it. We’re an emerging arts and cultural hotspot, with monthly art walks, downtown galleries, and the new Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex. And for the outdoor enthusiasts, we have 23 parks and greenways, as well as a growing trails system. Choose to play your way in Joplin.

Photo Credit: Connect2Culture

Me Like Bees Live at Cornell Center by Connect2Culture

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In Joplin, we’re passionate about empowering our next generation of leaders. So, we’re home to a range of public and private schools, from pre-kindergarten through high school, leading the way to technical, vocational, and higher education opportunities. We have two, four-year universities in Joplin, as well as trade schools and community colleges. And as of 2023, we’re the smallest community in the nation with both a four-year medical and dental school.

Missouri Southern State University