Joplin is bringing new heart to the heartland.

In Joplin, we know who we are. We are a hot spot for diverse groups of givers, dreamers, and doers who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves, help their neighbors, and ensure that Joplin's future is anything but ordinary.
  • 7%
    downtown vacancy
  • $77 million
    given to local charities in 2016
  • 20+
    local vendors at Empire Market weekly
Find your community.

Demographics are changing and we're dedicated to changing alongside them. Joplin is where diversity and differences are celebrated.
Find your calling.
Generosity is in our roots. We strive to lend a hand and make an impact because Joplin knows firsthand the difference a community-wide effort can make.
Find your creative side.
From local art galleries to award-winning performances, Joplin is taking the stage with new energy as the epicenter of an up-and-coming arts movement.
Dedicated to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.
Emancipation "Park Days"
Celebrated annually since at least 1914
Joplin Leadership Pledge
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Welcoming and celebrating everyone.

Joplin’s demographics are shifting and leaders throughout the community are committed to ensuring that everyone who choose Joplin as home is welcomed, included and celebrated.
Citizen-driven groups are actively working to change Joplin’s culture, including the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce’s (JACC) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Work Group, which is collaborating with other leaders and committees in the region. Organizations like Joplin’s NAACP, Connect2Culture, JOMO Pride Inc., and People First + Others are making changes and strengthening the Joplin region’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Accomplishments by these groups include an annual JOMO Pride Day, a city proclamation drafted by the JACC Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Work Group, and programs like the Minority Business Executives that are hosted by the Work Group.

A rich and vibrant Historic Downtown.
Historic Downtown

150 years in the making.

Joplin’s revitalized downtown district features approximately 250 historic buildings which stand as a testament to our history. Meanwhile, restoration efforts are forging a path for the future of our downtown.

Since the 1980’s, we have sought to transform Joplin's downtown district into an innovation and entertainment hub. The Downtown Joplin Alliance, in conjunction with Missouri Main Street Connection, has been vital in bringing new energy to the heart of our city with their four-point approach system. Between 2008 and 2017, their efforts helped lower downtown vacancy from 75% to 7%.
The organization hosts weekly events throughout the year to help strengthen our community’s ties to downtown Joplin, including Third Thursday, First Friday Wineshare, and the Joplin Empire Market.


A congregation to fit the needs of everyone in Joplin.

Joplin is home to a diverse faith-based community. Congregations of nearly every Christian denomination, a historic synagogue, and a new mosque serve as places for worship, interfaith dialogue, and community service. 

Dozens of Christian churches are located throughout the region. With a variety of denominations, there is a congregation to fit the needs of every individual in Joplin. Denominations in the area include Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, and more, including a variety of non-denominational assemblies.
The United Hebrew Congregation of Joplin has been building a strong Jewish community in the Four-States region for over 100 years. Their synagogue has been a feature in Joplin since 1916 and hosts an active congregation, which offers Shabbat services each week and regular educational programming for those new to the Jewish faith.
With a new mosque built in 2014, The Islamic Society of Joplin (ISJ) is the center of a growing Islamic community in our area. ISJ offers a place of worship with the five daily prayers, Quranic classes for adults and children, after-school programming, and more. 
Making a difference through Philanthropy.
East Town Mural

Choosing to make a change.

Our community’s commitment to helping our neighbors and improving the world around us is evident in Joplin’s devotion to philanthropy. In 2016, Joplin was named one of Missouri’s most generous towns by Only in Your State with 4.73% of local residents’ income going to charity for a total $77 million.

Opportunities for giving back and volunteering cover a range of interests, from walking dogs at the local pet shelter to cleaning up our parks and trails, or delivering meals to homebound residents. 

If you have a passion for helping others, Joplin has many organizations and associations with which you can volunteer, including Rotary International, Joplin Host Lions Club, and the Kiwanis Club of Joplin.

Hoping to serve for a particular good cause? The United Way of SW Missouri & SE Kansas, Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity, the Joplin Humane Society, The Alliance of Southwest Missouri, Crosslines Ministries, Souls Harbor, and many other regional organizations are always seeking new volunteers. 

Arts & Culture

A vibrant arts scene.

Joplin proudly promotes and celebrates our regional culture while giving a voice to our local artists and performers.
Art galleries and monthly art walks attract patrons to our historic Downtown Arts District. Concert series bring an array of performers to Joplin while local organizations provide plenty of opportunities to experience and participate in live theatrical productions. 

The Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex supports our growing arts community with a 450-seat indoor performance hall, an outdoor amphitheater, and the new home for Spiva Center for the Arts. It brings visual and performing artists from around the world to Joplin and showcase our region’s spectacular arts community.

Visual Arts

Joplin’s diverse arts scene features a wide variety of visual and performing arts. From local art galleries to world-renowned performers, the Joplin arts community provides big city spectacles with local charm.

For the imaginative and artistic, Spiva Center for the Arts has three art galleries and fun, educational programming. Spiva provides creative experiences in practically any medium for all ages. Their summer camps, after-school classes, and outreach programs support a wide variety of community members while strengthening Joplin’s artistic community.
Joplin’s First Thursday ArtWalk allows artists to showcase their work each month from March through October. You can find pop-up galleries and work by over 30 local artists as you stroll through our Downtown Arts District during an evening of art, music, and food.
Theatregoers will appreciate performances by the Joplin Little Theatre (JLT). From Broadway sensations to beloved classics, JLT offers a chance for local thespians to hone their craft during five annual shows while giving the community opportunities to enjoy fantastic live productions.  

The Midwest Regional Ballet Company and School also produces outstanding live performances of original and classic works while providing instructional classes for all ages, including ballet, tap, hip-hop, Zumba, and even aerial dance.


A deep appreciation for music lives within the community, creating a wide variety of opportunities to experience live, musical performances. From local jazz and blues to Broadway favorites and opera, Joplin’s music scene blends old-fashioned refinement with modern tastes, giving us our own unique sound.
Connect2Culture (C2C) provides excellent opportunities to experience dynamic live performances. To promote the arts and culture in our area, C2C hosts a Curtain’s Up Series which draws dozens of talented acts to Joplin. From Grammy Award-winners to Broadway alums, they bring big city entertainment to local venues with small town prices.
Classical music enthusiasts will enjoy performances hosted by the nonprofit Pro Musica. Their mission to encourage a love of live, classical music has brought world-class musicians to Joplin and its surrounding areas for 40 years.

Prefer the dramatic music of opera? Heartland Opera Theatre (HOT) stages dazzling performances featuring outstanding national and international singers as well as talented local vocalists.

If you're looking for local music, bands line Main Street during Third Thursday, from March to October. See fantastic regional artists perform at Joplin Avenue Coffee Shop and if you're a fan of folk music, you will find the perfect atmosphere at Coda Concert House.

Empire Market

Fun, fresh tastes of the Four-States.

With a rich agricultural heritage, Joplin offers opportunities to buy and sell fresh, organic produce and other homemade goods every week.
The Empire Market gives local farmers and artisans within a 150-mile radius a venue to sell their goods. Produce, eggs, honey, and baked goods are available to purchase from different vendors each Saturday. Themed contests and holiday events attract hundreds of patrons from across the region, making the Empire Market a community favorite.