Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is a crucial component of building and maintaining a successful community.

Therefore, we are dedicated to welcoming, including and valuing all people in our community.


Our organization commits to take actionable, measurable steps in the following areas:


Example actions:
  • Provide proper resources and ongoing training.
  • Combat bias through continuous education and improvement of policies.
  • Review policies for inclusive language.


Example actions:
  • Encourage the inclusion of diverse opinions in all organizational decisions.
  • Reward diverse thoughts and inclusive actions.

Organization Culture.

Example actions:
  • Form an EDI committee or appoint an EDI officer.
  • Cultivate a culture of EDI.
  • Maintain a culture of EDI internally, and with outside support organizations.

Collaborative Learning.

Example actions:
  • Challenge each other to participate in courageous conversations and sharing cultural experiences. 
  • Assist other organizations and share best practices.

Accountable Leadership.

Example actions:
  • Create a fair and equitable merit-based performance system.
  • Be a responsible EDI leader.
  • Strive for diverse representation on boards and committees.

What does it mean to take the pledge? An organization that signs and takes the pledge commits to incorporate EDI and the five corners of success into their overall culture. This is within their financial ability, personnel limits, human resource compliance, and at their own pace.

The Brand Assets link (located at the bottom of the page) offers resources to interested organizations allowing them to continue their EDI growth.

Thank you!

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